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Gulf Medicine is an information and networking portal for the Middle East and North Africa healthcare market. It is visited by healthcare professionals and businesses for their information and networking needs and is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most popular and frequently visited websites in the Middle East healthcare industry.

Gulf Medicine is an advertiser funded website. It offers targeted advertising campaigns to companies and brands looking to expand their reach in the Middle East healthcare markets. We accept relevant advertising from pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, healthcare organizations, healthcare service providers, advertising agencies and from selected advertising networks.

Advertising on Gulf Medicine is easy and effective. We offer a wide range of advertising unit options – from standard IAB sizes to rising star units, half page units and various non-standard sizes. However we don’t accept pop ups, interstitials, floating, in-text or intrusive advertising.

Advertising served “in house” is not targeted to individual users but may be placed on the site adjacent to content related to advertiser or sponsor interest. The site automatically adjusts layout and ad units to suit the device being used to view it, so we are also able to offer both desktop and mobile campaigns.

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