• Nov- 2017 -
    30 November

    Researchers Identify Obesity-Diabetes Link

    SIGNALLING INSTRUCTIONS: Obesity promotes insulin resistance via exosomal microRNAs, according to researchers at the University of California, San Diego. Macrophages associated with adipocytes in mouse fatty tissue package microRNAs into exosomes, which are released into circulation and are taken up by other cell types. When researchers treated lean mice with exosomes made by macrophages from obese mice, they found that…

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  • Sep- 2017 -
    7 September

    HbA1c Levels Consistently Higher in Blacks Than Whites; More Than Predicted by Mean Glucose Levels

    A prospective observational study of individuals with type 1 diabetes found that HbA1c levels were about 0.8% higher in blacks than in whites, but that based on the mean glucose level mean HbA1c should have been only about 0.4% higher. The findings demonstrate that HbA1c levels consistently overestimate the mean glucose level in black persons compared with white individuals, according…

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